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Refugees shouldn't suffer from language barriers - now they don't have to.

Tarjimly connects the world's bilingual speakers to the 23 million refugees worldwide using Facebook Messenger.

It allows anyone to volunteer their language skills to help refugees and immigrants struggling to communicate with doctors, lawyers, and NGOs using realtime chat, phone, and video calling. Our community of over 2500 translators have already helped over 1000 refugees and aid workers. They can get a translator in 90 seconds for 16 different languages and we mask their identities & phone numbers so they can stay anonymous.

Refugees face many challenges even after making it safely to a new country. But language barriers make everything harder, and the people trying to support them can't - medics, attorneys, counselors, employers, teachers - all need an interpreter. We're mobilizing the world's bilingual speakers to bring an end to the language divide that prevents so many refugees from getting the help they need.

We're building a new way for the entire world to help refugees - join us :)

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    Great idea, super cause.