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100% of your donation will go directly into our school programs. Your donation makes a direct impact!

  • $ 10 - Math materials for 15 students for three months such as meter sticks and graph paper. Restock the missing blocks of math to build a solid foundation for mathematicians, engineers, and technology innovators.
  • $ 25 - Magnifiers, tweezers and gloves for 5 students to investigate the world of bugs, spider webs, worms, dirt, leaves, etc. Study the cycle of plants, animals, botany, medicine, science, and art.
  • $ 50 – Large PVC pipes, shovels, seeds and plants for 2 teams to construct a vertical gardens to grow vegetables in a limited space for one growing season. Students will study the environment, composting, engineering, and the climate. Good base for exploring chemistry, the world of water conservation and to learn to adapt to multiple environments.
  • $ 75 – Wood for 2 students to construct a bench and for an adult to join, observe and learn simultaneously. Teaches children to show appreciation for the adult who helped them.
  • $ 100 – Materials for a class project to make a sundial. This will be their introduction to astronomy, planets and studying the relationship of the sun and moon as it relates to the seasons, tides and weather.
  • $500 - Weights, measures, pulleys, ropes, bolts and rods for a class of 20 students to study the basics of engineering and physics.
  • $1,000 – Provides a stipend for a math and science teacher for a month. Provide materials for an outdoor structure for Global Schools Without Walls and all it's students that we serve.

Global Schools Without Walls is a public charity under the fiscal sponsorship of The Edward Charles Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, EIN# 26-4245043.

With nearly 20 million refugees worldwide and with more than 50% of them are children, the demand for volunteers in refugee camps have never been greater. Click here to learn how you can become a volunteer aboard and begin the journey of a lifetime.

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    I Gave $100
  • Lyle S.
    I Gave $100
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    I will give more as I am able. Thank you for the necessary work you do.
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    The site is UP. I had to check out this system to see how it works.
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    Best wishes for Global School Without Walls.
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    You have our support!
  • Dennis H.
    I Gave $100
    Best wishes to Helen and Global School Without Walls