Providing College Athletes with Suits.


Our mission:
PURSUITS of Greatness prepares student athletes for their professional life after college sports.

PURSUITS of Greatness 501(c)(3) does this by providing the student athlete who has exhausted all years of athletic eligibility with a tailored business suit while educating them on "Dressing for Success", communicating their personal transition to the next stage in their life.

The vision of PURSUITS of Greatness is to make this available to all athletes, in all universities across the United States.

The purpose of your donation is to provide a suit for the student athlete to walk out of their shadow as a student who played sports to a business professional by looking the part.

Some of the individuals who will be getting suits will walk into their very first interview in hopes of getting their first job. This opportunity will add to the transition of the student athlete to life after graduation.

The cheering may have stopped for some athletes and while these athletes may no longer wear a jersey to help put points on the board, they are wearing a new uniform that will elevate and transcend their next endeavor.

Supported by 11 Donations:

  • Arpit J.
    I Gave $2,335
    On the behalf of H2O: Happiness 2 Others, Thank you for the great work you are doing for student athletes with Pursuits of Greatness!
  • Junior Achievement o.
    Thank you Thomas for inspiring the dreams of our students!
  • Christian L.
    Christian Lopez. Former professional athlete.
  • Sam K.
    I Gave $100
    Work hard and believe in yourself
  • Matthew P.
    I Gave $100
    Thomas, You're the man! A great example for how former pro and college athletes should give back.
  • Kati S.
    Fabulous work - and this is just the first step!
  • nicholas l.
    I Gave $750
  • Kerith D.
    I Gave $50
  • Kelly C.
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