Supporting youth baseball and softball programs in underserved areas.

Rod Dedeaux Foundation

Raoul "Rod" Dedeaux: legendary USC and USA Olympic baseball coach, Founder of Japan – USA Baseball series, Father of International Baseball and "Coach of the Century". Rod loved the taste of victory on the baseball diamond and his tremendous accomplishments of 11 national titles and 28 conference titles prove just that.

Rod's most enduring legacy was his ability to use the sport of baseball as a platform to provide a positive, lifelong impact in the lives of thousands of young adults; his heart (and now his foundation's) was always focused on mentorship and guidance demonstrated through his tireless coaching to promote teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, a sense of fair play and having a heck of a good time.


The Rod Dedeaux Foundation was formed to continue Rod's spirit by supporting youth baseball and softball programs in underserved areas. Currently, inner city organizations are fighting for survival as public funding is drying up, coupled with the game's waning popularity with children in Urban areas. Through the efforts of the Foundation, youth receive more than just uniforms and renovated facilities, they receive a sanctuary from challenging environments and a support system specifically designed to build character and academic support to enable underprivileged youth to achieve their dreams.

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